About Virginia

Since childhood, I always felt trapped within the customs and routines of my family and my environment. And since then, I have struggled to find my own way of being, trying to break all that doesn’t allow me to be free, natural and genuine.
This search led me to investigate different methods and approaches in order to develop myself as an independent and free woman.
When I met the Grinberg Method I was completely fascinated by the so deeply human way with which my practitioner worked with me, and by the amazing speed with which my back pain was gone. I knew nothing of this method, but I felt in my body that I had discovered what for so long I had been looking for.
In 2007 I participated in a group of women’s classes (taught by a trainer of the Grinberg Method) where I learned not only how I limited my history, my beliefs learned from my environment, my self-image, … but I also learned to stop the effect caused in my current life. Doing this group was when I decided to start the professional studies of the Grinberg Method. What motivated me was that I wanted to teach people in general and women in particular, to be free.
In 2008 I began the professional studies of the Grinberg Method and decided also to leave my career in the marketing world. Since then I have been dedicated to my passion: teaching people to be who they want to be and live the lifes they want to live, free of their history, their beliefs about themselves and about life, and living according to what they want.
I work doing  individual sessions in learning processes and recovery processes. And in the future I want to be a trainer of the Grinberg Method to do movement classes, women’s groups and workshops.