Empowerment for women - Creating my life

Empowerment for women – Creating my life

Creativity is the most powerful quality we women have as human beings. To create something is an action of building something new using the power of our determination, will and wish.

In our lives we are constantly creating things, moods, behaviors, … sometimes we don’t even realize the amount of things we’ve created at the end of the day. Many times all these creations are not conscious, we don’t choose them. And that’s why we feel we don’t have the control of our lives and we just live as an observer. Then days pass, everything is repetitive and our lives become a routine, and we get bored or try to escape by fantasizing in how our live could be.

But this is something you can stop and change because you can create the life you want to live. And don’t take this like a beautiful mantra or promise from New Age or… This is something real that can happen if you recover your feminine and powerful energy that is placed in your body.

Are you one of these women that want the easy way and want to build their power from the surface or are you a brave and courageous woman that want to create her life and be the one who leads it?

It’s time to choose the woman you want to be!

In this workshop we will do a first step to recognize what stops us  and we will stop it to reconnect ourselves with our creativity to be able then to create, build and have the life we want to live.

Through different exercises to increase our attention in our bodies and our level of energy we will work to recover our power and transform it into something new, fresh and more natural by being just how we are.

This is for women that want to live freely from their own beliefs from themselves, conclusions about themselves, the expectations, behaviors, cultural patterns… and want to be powerful, natural, strong and free.


Date: Saturday, the 21st of March.

Time: From 12pm till 2pm

Price: £30

Location: SpringHealth, Belsize Park Gardens 81, London NW3 4NJ


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