Grinberg method

Since 2008 I teach people tools to be well. I work with the Grinberg Method and I teach people to be attentive in their bodies and to increase their level of energy. Then, with more energy and attention there are very few things that cannot be achieved.
You can focus your process in recovering after a surgery, an accident, a disease or a chronic pain. Or you can focus it in stopping an old fear, or conclusions about who you are or about what you can do or you cannot do. With your level of energy higher and with more attention, you learn and train in the sessions to stop what you don’t want to continue in your life.
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The sessions are individuals and of 1 hour. During the session, I use different techniques of touch, breathing, movement, verbal instructions and description tools to adapt to each client individually. At the end of the session you receive a training to practice in your daily life what you’ve learned in the session. You are involved actively in this process.  The more involved and willing to learn you are, the more capacity to achieve your aims you’ll have.


Benefits that you can achieve:

  • Feeling healthier and stronger

  • A lighter perspective

  • Gaining control of your life

  • Enjoying your physical being

  • More “new” in your life

  • A quieter mind